Islands along Shimanami Kaido

Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
South East of Hiroshima

Shimanami Kaido is a 59.4 kilometer-long expressway for cars equipped with a walkway for pedestrians and bicycles. It connects six islands floating on Seto Inland Sea. The road starts from Onomichi City to Mukai-shima, which is in front of Onomichi City, then to Innno-shima and Ikuchi-jima, then enters Ehime Pref. to Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima and leads to Shikoku Island. Each island is connected with unique bridges with different shapes. Visitors can enjoy a sweeping view of Seto Inland Sea from observatories, and also this is a perfect course for cycling . Each island along the course is blessed with mild climate thanks to surrounding ocean, but has different attractions and sights.
-Inno-shima has a castle for Naval Forces. Also Inno-shima is noted for rice cakes using Hassaku oranges, a kind of citrus native to this land.
-Ikuchi-jima has Kosanji temple and Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art. A popular ice cream parlor "Dolce" is famous for citrus flavors of Setouchi.
-Omi-shima has Oyamazumi-jinja Shrine which houses 80 percent of armor designated as National Treasure in Japan.
-Hakata-jima is one of the most famous salt making places.
-O-shima has famous Kirosan Observatory Park which affords a grand view of "Kurushima-kaikyo Strait Bridge", the first three consecutive suspension bridges in the world, and "Kurushima-kaikyo Strait", one of three fastest currents in Japan.
It is also fun to travel around varied attractions of islands along Shimanami Kaido.


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Hiroshima Pref. (Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Innno-shima, Ikuchi-jima), Ehime Pref. (Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City)
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Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Inno-shima, Ikuchi-jima, Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City


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