Islands along Shimanami Kaido

Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
Islands along Shimanami Kaido
South East of Hiroshima

Shimanami Kaido is a 59.4 kilometer-long expressway equipped with specially created walkways for pedestrians and bicycles. The route connects six islands in the Seto Inland Sea with bridges, running from Onomichi City in the north to Shikoku in the south. This is a perfect route for cycling and enthusiasts come from all over Japan and abroad to cycle the Shimanami Kaido.
-Innoshima Island has a castle built by the Murakami Suigun seafaring clan. The island is also famous for its Hassaku orange rice cakes.
-Ikuchijima Island has Kosanji Temple and Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art. A popular ice cream parlor called "Dolce" famously serve for citrus flavor ice cream on the island.
-On Omishima Island, Oyamazumi-jinja Shrine houses 80 percent of all the traditional samurai armor designated as National Treasure in Japan.
-Hakatajima Island is famous for making salt.
-Oshima Island is famous for the Kirosan Observatory Park, which affords unparalleled views of the Seto Inland Sea and the enormous Kurushima-kaikyo Strait Bridge.
It is also fun to travel around varied attractions of islands along Shimanami Kaido.


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Hiroshima Pref. (Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Innno-shima, Ikuchi-jima), Ehime Pref. (Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City)
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Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Inno-shima, Ikuchi-jima, Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City


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